Vision, Mission and Core Values

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Core Values


To be the food provider of choice in all our targeted markets
recognized for our commitment to food safety, quality and good value.

    “In order to reach our goal, we must be able to overcome challenges on various fronts. Our mission statements represent the critical success factors that we must excel in as an organization.”


  ✔  To ensure compliance with HALAL and food safety good practices in all our operations.

  ✔  To be responsive to customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

  ✔  To provide a conductive work environment that enables our people to perform at their best as a          team.

  ✔  To be cost efficient in everything we do in order to achieve consistent industry-leading profitability          that enables continuous sustainable growth.

  ✔  To invest in our people, products and processes with the aim to deliver continuous improvement.

║Core Values

    The following are our Core Values. They serve as guiding principles to all our people, from the lowest level to top management on how to behave and how to prioritize in everything that we do.

People are our greatest assets. We are committed to treating each other with respects and to creating a positive working environment that enables everyone to work and grow together.

We believe determination and dedication is necessary to achieve a high standard of excellence in everything we do.

All our people are committed to working together and supporting each other to realize our individual potentials and achieve our shared goals as a team.

We can be counted on for our allegiance and dependability.

We take responsibility for the outcome of our decisions & actions. We deliver what we promised to deliver and owns up to shortcomings/mistakes, with a view to do better in the future.

We believe that good quality is inherent to the way we work. We do not leave quality assurance of our works & products to someone else. We strive to do things right the first time, every time.

We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our customers. We strive to meet or exceed their expectations every time. We want to serve our customers competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and with flair.