Who We Are

who we are

  The Eng Peng group of companies started as a family owned layer farmer in the 1980’s. It has steadily expanded over the past twenty years, through organic growths, acquisitions & diversifications, to become one of the major suppliers of poultry products and frozen food in Sabah. There are now more than twenty companies under the umbrella of Eng Peng group.

     Eng Peng is currently the largest vertically integrated poultry producer in Sabah. That means we are involved in the entire production process from breeding, hatching all the way to our customers’ door step, allowing us to have better control over products quality and supply stability.

     We at Eng Peng are committed to continuously improve on the products and services we provide to our customers. Please do check out our vision statement, mission statement and core values to better understand who we are.

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